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LIFE Over Debt:
Africa in the Age of Global Apartheid

Six thousand Africans die every day from AIDS,
another 40 million go hungry,
and millions more perish from conflict.

Yet, Africa sends $15 Billion a year
to the rich nations of the West . . . WHY?
And why are many now calling for
complete cancellation of Africa's debt?


AFSC presented a U.S. speaking tour featuring youth activists from across Africa on February 11, 2005, at St. Louis Community College – Forest Park.

A DVD containing the full 112 minute Student Campus Tour program was presented to the AFSC local office, including:

  • Introduction by Anyango Reggy, US coordinator of the tour
  • Presentations by speakers from South Africa, Burundi and Zimbabwe
  • Q&A session
  • African drum performance
The sponsors loved it...

O my GOSH!!!!!!! This dvd is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!! You guys are so super talented, the office is going crazy!!!! …Thanks sooo much for your wonderful work!
        ~ Lori Reed, AFSC -
St. Louis


Indeed, we’re pleased to have been part of this worthwhile event. Thanks to the American Friends Service Committee for sponsoring the tour.  You can help build the movement to bring debt relief to Africa by sharing these dynamic speakers with others.

To learn more about the LIFE Over Debt Campaign, visit: