Post-Production Sound

Sound Design

Soundtracks designed to refine and enhance the effectiveness of the drama or narrative, engaging the listener's perceptual and aesthetic interest, while mindful of the characteristics of the delivery medium.

Post Production Sound/Music Supervision

Benefit from having all elements of your soundtrack coordinated, from the grand design down to the details of acquisition, editing, licensing and delivery.

Non-Linear Digital Audio

Recording and editing on 32-track ProTools|MIXplus digital audio workstation; clean-up and sweetening of existing audio; signal processing (EQ, compression, noise reduction, time stretch, pitch change, SR conversion); various formats including SDII, AIFF, WAV, MPEG, interchange with AVID and other OMFI workstations.

Dialog, Music & Sound Effects Editing

Artful editing of client-provided dialog and music, or music from professional music libraries nationwide. Acquisition and music licensing provided. Creation and editing of sound effects using production sound, digital SFX libraries, Foley and field recording.

Original Music Scoring

Custom music tailored for your show; a wide variety of styles performed by professional acoustic musicians or arranged for MIDI synthesis.

Dialog Replacement (ADR) & Foley Recording

Recording and syncing of dialog lines and Foley effects for dramatic films directly to non-linear digital system.

Film-to-Video Dailies Sound Syncing

Syncing Nagra or DAT field sound to telecine transferred video dailies with pulldown speed correction.

SMPTE Synchronization

Audio, workstation and sequencer tracks slaved to timecoded S-VHS/VHS worktapes via four-machine genlocked Timeline Lynx.

Automated Mixing

Stereo or mono mixing of 32 automated tracks tailored for the intended audience and delivery format. Preparation of tracks for Dolby Stereo and 5.1 surround mixing.

Digital or Analog Mastering

Mixdown formats for layback to video master include SMPTE timecoded DAT (Fostex D20B), CTC 1/4" reel-to-reel, 16/24 bit computer file. CD pre-mastering to DAT.

Mixing for Film Optical Sound

Stem mixing and print mastering for transfer to 16/35mm film optical sound for theatrical playback.

Music Arranging and Transcription

Got a song on paper or still in your head? Get it transcribed to the form you need.

Music Copying and Printing

Professional quality laserprinted notated music using Finale desktop publishing software, or hand inked.



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